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How do I become a farrier?

At the OFA we view Farriery as not just a job, but a career. Our goal is to promote continuing education and pursuing this industry to the fullest.

The job of a farrier is both physical and mentally challenging. It often involves long hours and less than ideal working conditions. To be successful you have to have horsemanship skills, anatomy skills, forging skills, business skills… the list goes on.

The first step is getting a feel to see if this job is for you. Spending a day or two, or more with a farrier is the best way to do so. Something as simple as pulling shoes, might end up being more than you imagined.

You survived a ride a long, whats next? School is an important step. Though many great farriers got started with apprenticeship, school allows you to get under a great deal of horses in a supervised no pressure environment. A good school will be about 3 months or more. Although there are 2 week courses, this is simply not enough time to get your bearings under a horse.

Schools done, lets go start a business? Sort of. School is a great stepping stone in the right direction, but it essentially gets you ready to start an apprenticeship and slowly build your clientele. Finding a great mentor is absolutely key to a long lasting and successful career. Once having graduated from school, you should have the skills to be earning money as an apprentice/helper. You will start off doing basics, sweeping, pulling shoes, clinching and finishing, and lots more sweeping. Over the course of the next couple years you will slowly work up the ladder taking on more and more responsibilities. During your apprenticeship you can slowly build your own clientele and business.

Apprenticeship done, master farrier now? Not quite. Being a farrier is a life long career of continuing education, certification and learning. There are many associations that offer certification programs, continuing education programs, etc… You never stop learning and progressing.

If you’re looking for help, contacts and questions, contact us!

If you’re done school, looking for a mentor, we can help with that too!

How do I find a find a farrier?

Check out our Find A Farrier page to search. Click Here